About Kaiten Labs

Kaiten Labs was founded in April 2014 by three friends Andre, Kyle, and Yusuke.

About the Members

Yusuke Tsutsumi

Founder, Director, Software Developer

Yusuke cut his teeth against SNES games, diving into the amazing world of Zelda and Final Fantasy, and has been writing software for five years.

in his spare time, Yusuke spends time building tools for developers (mostly open-source) and playing music.

Andre Bissonnette

Founder, Composer

Andre Bissonnette is based in Seattle and works as a composer, music editor, and audio engineer. He graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in music. He currently works for eMedia Music, Games Omniverse, and of course, Kaiten Labs.

Kyle Kinkade

Founder, Software Developer

Kyle was born with a passion for gaming. However, he finds breaking games are more fulfilling than actually playing them. Test engineer by day, game developer by night.

When he isn't developing games, Kyle spends his free-time tearing them apart. Piece... By... Piece...